My Ginger Girl

Donna Noble

Artistic Version of My Daughter


This is My Ginger Girl. She is a spitfire and a half.

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I took this picture with a selfie camera while holding her and then had fun in the app PicsArt.

Donna is one of our 24 cats. She is a member of the team of four cats that runs the pride. Ms. Noble isn’t even 6 months old yet and she bosses the adult cats around. Just like her namesake out of Dr. Who bossed around The Doctor.

She is one of our 20 cat therapists that help other cats heal. After they are healed she will be helping us to help them find a furever home. She has even adopted one of our babies. She was the final touch to help Ms. Boots heal and they made a huge connection. Now Ms. Boots has been adopted instead of looking for a furever home outside the rescue. Ms. Boots is also one of the cat therapists now.

My Ginger Girl, Donna knows what she wants and she gets it. This is how she came to be here. She was a farm cat on an Amish Farm. They believe cats should be in the barn chasing mice. Donna decided she wanted a furever home as an indoor/outdoor country cat. This Ginger Cat walked right up to the man who is now her grandpa and demanded to be brought home. The rest, as they say, is history.


Currently, We are starting a cat rescue that is inspired by Cat House on the Kings in California. We will be making the proper changes to handle Mt. Sherman, Kentucky winters and looking for more land. We are setting up the initial rescue on 1 acre of land and are hoping to afford more in the future. As a cat rescue, we will be working with both domestic and feral and have a crew of cat therapists to help them heal and be ready to move onto the spoiled rotten stage of their lives.