Renovation of Office/Living Room

What is taking so long?

Get this renovation done already!!! Smokey the Smokin' Hot Tom Cat

Get this renovation done already!!!

What is taking so long getting MP active? It is called Renovation. This place is a complete mess right now. We just got our Scrap Boxes in and some of the flooring. Now to finish the flooring and get the rest of the room done.

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It is amazing how far we have gotten with our bodies only letting us work 3 hours a day and after a few days, we have to take a couple days off. Despite that, we have most of the living room flooring down and the Scrap Boxes up and partly organized and new front door installed. We also were able to get a cat room up in time for winter with a rotating heater.


The Original Scrap Box

This is the current state of the renovation. Of course, 24 cats are very good at slowing things down too.


Renovation Part 1